At the edge of Littlehampton, located along the east bank of the River Arun is a strip of land that with great vison, is being developed into a multifunctional community called Hampton Quay.

The proposal is to create 105 homes within play areas, park spaces and new pedestrian/cycle paths. A new riverfront restaurant, leisure centre and commercial space included is sure to complete the sense of community that the project strives to maintain.

Once again, we’re proud to say that b&m is involved. The project has commenced its initial stages as we recently provided cost consultancy as a service to the promising development.

Hampton Quay aims to enhance its environment. Existing on-site contamination is to be dealt with whilst protecting the inter-tidal habitat. A bird hide and new planting areas will encourage biodiversity and create spaces for the community to interact with nature. Light pollution is expected to be minimised with the use of low-level bollard lighting.

To say we look forward to watching Hampton Quay progress is an understatement.

We were happy to have the opportunity to work with Stolon Studio who were the architects behind this great vision

Photos courtesy of Stolon Studio Architects.