Delivering cost certainty

When asked, most will say that the responsibility of a QS just lays in understanding, analysing and reporting on construction costs. However, this is only part of the role we play. We also contribute and support the team throughout the project. Our holistic understanding enables us to make our clients’ projects successful.

Viability from the start

We look to be involved as early as possible to understand our client’s vision. We know that no two projects are the same and understanding the brief enables us to review the initial designs and determine financial viability, enabling an economic case to be made, if needed.

Developing the project

Risks, options and procurement methods all play a part in the advice we provide clients. We work with clients and their design teams in the early RIBA stages to further plan out a detailed robust budget and procurement route while the design gets developed.

Adding value

Our team understand the need to accurately manage cost throughout the life of a project, adding value by offering solutions, alternatives and ideas from our extensive experience. This means our clients get value for money from the design, construction and operation of their project.

Offering Advice

Through the project, we will advise our clients on their costs and ways to mitigate risks and manage any disputes. As much as we get involved in the detail, we can see the bigger picture and see the project from start to finish, meaning we can offer expert and invaluable advice.

Delivering to budget

During construction, we will continue to monitor the budget to avoid unnecessary overspend. We will manage and track changes as well as any threats to the budget without compromising quality and wasting precious time.

Confidence through RICS Chartership

b&m is a RICS chartered firm, giving you the confidence that we deliver with integrity, clarity and excellence.

We are pleased to say that b&m provided us with valuable service as a trusted consultant

David Reece, Project Trustee, Wye Village Hall