Construction is a place for all. There are careers to suit everyone’s skills and you can enter at any level.

Did you know that the industry employs over 3m people in the UK? That’s close to 8% of the working population. There is a skills shortage in the industry at the moment and over 250,000 jobs will be created in the next 5 years.

Want to learn more about the careers on offer?

Check out GoConstruct for in depth info on all the different roles available

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Routes into Surveying

There are many routes to becoming a surveyor. You can start straight out of school, post university or later in life as a career change. The options are plenty, you just need to have a passion for numbers, problem solving and the built environment.

We’ve produced a ‘Routes into Surveying’ map which can help guide you through the options. Click on them to open a downloadable PDF.

Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

The RICS are our professional body. They set out what surveying is, the standards for surveyors and have lots of information on the different routes into surveying. Check out their website to find out more and get in touch with them.

b&m are a Chartered Surveying Firm and many of our staff are Chartered Surveyors. This means they are able to deliver uphold the professional standards set out by RICS.