Keeping health and safety at the heart of a project

Our work as Principal Designer will ensure that health and safety is considered at each stage of the developing design, providing constructive and client-vision driven oversight and advice.

We will align all elements so that health and safety is considered hand in hand with design, budget, form and contributes to the delivery of positive health and safety outcomes.

We will develop an understanding of client’s drivers during the design phase and then encourage the client to make the reasons for these known through the early stages, rather than at the construction stage when it is often too late or too costly to do anything about it.

As Principal Designer, we can then provide critical but constructive oversight and help co-ordinate the flow of information through the pre-construction stage, ensuring health and safety stays at the forefront of everyone’s minds, all while achieving the client’s vision for the scheme.

Improving buildability

Most importantly, this enables us to challenge the design team at the early stages to identify, control and manage risk. If acted upon and either completely mitigated or reduced to an acceptable level, this can reduce cost, improve buildability and increase health and safety throughout the lifecycle of the project.

We believe having an experienced Principal Designer as an active part of the design team can add value to any scheme. The earlier the appointment, the sooner the Principal Designer can be of benefit throughout the project, minimising risk from the outset, improving co-ordination and reducing costs for the lifespan of the building.