Ownership change

Paul Gannaway joined b&m in 1986 and Andrew Walker joined in 2001. Both Paul and Andrew trained within the business, joining the board of directors in 2011. Since joining the board in 2011, Paul and Andrew have succeeded George and Ray as owners of b&m following a management buyout.

Paul Gannaway

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Andrew Walker

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Since 2011, Paul and Andrew continued to train, mentor and develop the team on the foundations built by George and Ray. b&m’s fundamental Philosophies were established

People first

We get to know our clients and put their needs first. We invest, support and develop our staff, they’re our USP. We respect and embrace equality, diversity and individuality.


We work to develop beneficial relationships with the whole team through open collaboration. We know teamwork yields results. We foster, encourage and build collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.


We’re always learning, developing and growing. We’re curious, with a desire to continually lead in our field. We offer training and development opportunities to all staff, regardless of seniority.


We know the built environment. We will work with you to deliver a future-proofed, sustainable project that will last for generations, creating a better place in the process.


We partner with you every step of the way. From concept to reality, we are there to support, guide and advise.

In 2021, Betteridge and Milsom re-branded

2021 marked the essence of the business’s first official rebrand. Though George Betteridge and Ray Milsom were no longer part of the team, the B & M remained to emphasise the continuation of a legacy.

In 2023, b&m expanded and opened an office in Brighton

This marked a new and significant chapter as b&m expanded its services further across the south of the UK.

Striving Forward

Today Paul and Andrew continue to work in unison to provide an undeniably established and bespoke service with a great team behind them. Delivering cost consultancy services across Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

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Our team ethos is professional yet personable. We work with you and champion your vision. We push boundaries and add value through our style.

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We understand how important it is to have the ability to quickly, efficiently and correctly procure consultants onto projects.

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We’re proud to be a part of the B Corp Community. We form a part of a forward thinking network aiming towards transforming our global economy through the power of business.

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