In October 2023, b&m played a pivotal role in the refurbishment of the Design & Technology block at King Edward’s Witley School, an independent secondary school located near Guildford. King Edward’s Witley is a private co-educational boarding and day school, founded in 1553 by King Edward VI and Nicholas Ridley, Bishop of London and Westminster.

The project, with a construction value of approximately £1 million, was undertaken to enhance the existing facilities and create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly learning environment for the students. Nye Saunders served as the architect for the project, and Interclad took charge as the contractor.

Project Overview

The primary objective of the refurbishment was to transform the existing Design & Technology block into a modern and sustainable space. The scope of work involved stripping the building back to its frame, followed by recladding and re-roofing. This approach not only breathed new life into the structure but also aligned with contemporary sustainable building practices, leaving a positive impact on both cost and the environment.

The decision to strip the building back to its frame and employ sustainable construction methods demonstrated a commitment to reducing the environmental footprint of the project. b&m, in our role as Quantity Surveyors (QS), played a crucial part in ensuring that the sustainable approach was not only environmentally responsible but also economically viable. The refurbished block now stands as a testament to the school’s dedication to creating an eco-friendly and energy-efficient learning space.

Contractors and Key Players

The contractor, Interclad was entrusted with bringing the architectural vision to life. Their expertise in handling complex projects was evident throughout the refurbishment, ensuring a seamless execution of the plans laid out by the Architect,  Nye Saunders. b&m, taking on the role of Quantity Surveyors, worked collaboratively with the contractor, overseeing the project’s financial aspects and contributing to the successful completion of the venture.

Refurbishing existing buildings always presents unique challenges, and the King Edward’s Witley School project was no exception. The team demonstrated remarkable flexibility and adaptability in overcoming unforeseen issues during the refurbishment process. Their ability to navigate challenges and find effective solutions contributed significantly to the smooth progression of the project.

Circular Economy Integration

A notable aspect of b&m’s involvement in the King Edward’s Witley School project was the commitment to the principles of the circular economy. By stripping the building back to the frame and repurposing existing materials where possible, the project exemplified a sustainable and resource-efficient construction model. This approach not only minimized waste but also showcased a responsible use of resources, aligning with the growing emphasis on sustainable practices within the construction industry.

The successful completion of the King Edward’s Witley School Design & Technology block refurbishment stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of all involved parties, with b&m playing a crucial role in the project’s financial management. Although the school boasts an amazing stock of heritage buildings, they also now have a modern, eco-friendly facility that aligns with exemplar construction standards, providing students with an inspiring and sustainable learning environment.