In a significant development for the local Beckenham Community, a beloved landmark has undergone a major refurbishment, breathing new life into a historical building.

Bromley Council invited the public to be part of the bringing up to date the Grade II Listed Bandstand in Croydon Road Recreation Ground that holds a special place in both local and cultural history. It is believed to have been installed in 1905 and is a rare example of intricate iron work, notable for the quality of its design with the execution of its pattern work and casting believed to be the only remaining example in Britain. It also holds and historic association with music sensation and local resident David Bowie who in 1969 helped organise and played at the one-day Growth Summer Festival.

Community funding was integral to the success of achieving the transformation (with over £100k raised by the local community), along with £80k from the London Borough of Bromley and over £12k from the Heritage of London Trust.

The project team, in collaboration with conservation experts from Purcell Architecture Limited and local stakeholders, faced the intricate challenge of preserving the historical integrity of the listed building, whilst making it fit for purpose. The restoration process, faced challenges as layers of neglect were peeled away, revealing unforeseen damage and discrepancies in the original design, which added complexity to an already ambitious undertaking.

b&m had to work with the project team to manage a tight budget, but the team’s commitment to preserving the cultural history of the landmark is reflected in their dedication to overcoming challenges and ensuring the project’s completion by the end of March.

This landmark restoration project not only aims to revive a piece of history but also highlights the importance of community involvement, historical preservation, and the delicate balance between modernisation and heritage. As the project progresses, the community eagerly anticipates the day when the refurbished landmark stands as a testament to all those who have worked so hard for it to come to fruition.