As the largest combined sports facility in Newhaven, Fort Road Recreation Ground is integral to the local community.

Lewes District Council is committed to the transformation of the Newhaven site, with major improvements to the park and its facilities. We are working with Lewes District Council providing Quantity Surveying services.

The project focuses on refurbishing two existing structures: the Cricket Pavilion and the Community Hall. Both buildings hold historical significance and serve as vital hubs for local activities. The architectural expertise of Kaner Olette’s approach emphasises preserving their heritage while enhancing functionality to meet contemporary needs.

Beyond architectural upgrades, the project prioritises sustainability and environmental consciousness. Plans include integrating green spaces and fostering biodiversity, aligning with the council’s commitment to ecologically responsible development.

Community involvement remains central to the project’s ethos. Lewes District Council and Kaner Olette actively engage residents to ensure their input shapes the project’s direction. Through consultations and feedback mechanisms, stakeholders contribute to a shared vision for the recreation ground’s future with outcomes that benefit residents and visitors alike.

For updates and further details, visit Fort Road Newhaven.

Together, let’s pave the way for a more vibrant and sustainable Newhaven.