b&m has played a pivotal role in the successful completion of a new classroom block at Meopham Secondary School. Under the direction of Kent County Council with architectural brilliance from Bond Bryan and construction expertise from Willmott Dixon, the project faced and triumphed over considerable challenges.

Key Data:

  • Location: Meopham Secondary School, Kent
  • Client: Kent County Council (KCC)
  • Architects: Bond Bryan
  • Contractor: Willmott Dixon
  • Completion Date: March 2024
  • Budget: £10 million

Early on during the project, the team encountered major obstacles, including the discovery of asbestos and underground obstructions. Additionally, the existing water pressure proved inadequate for fire safety, necessitating the installation of two underground tanks to enhance capacity.

The team thought of innovative solutions, notably the separation of hazardous materials, resulting in a substantial 50% cost saving. Similar inventive measures were employed in addressing issues with fire hydrants.

As Quantity Surveyor on the project, b&m played a crucial role in mediating cost issues between the contractor and other stakeholders. Their adept management ensured cost certainty, preventing budget overruns despite unforeseen challenges. This effective communication and financial control were instrumental in maintaining the project’s fiscal integrity.

In alignment with environmentally conscious construction practices, b&m advocated for the use of bore holes for water supply or drainage. This approach, with its reduced environmental impact, showcased a commitment to sustainability and responsible construction.

The completion of Meopham Secondary School’s new classroom block stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of KCC, Bond Bryan, Willmott Dixon, and b&m