Tomorrow marks the end of New Homes Week – an annual celebration and recognition of newbuild homes, homebuilders and home owners.

New Homes Week is a significant week for potential new homeowners and all those considered. It’s a week where the public is provided with an influx of information should they want to explore the new home market, entering it and all the guidance  that comes with it. The purpose is to help in providing an understanding of what being a new home owner entails, including incentives and schemes to facilitate access and purchase. In the end, the aim is to encourage affordability by equipping those in need with the ability to take advantage of the new home market.

To b&m, New Homes Week means a lot – considering our passion for construction. New Homes are an existing component of one of our most prominent sectors – our Residential Sector.

A part of the reason we’re passionate about construction is because we understand that we’re contributing towards multifunctional spaces – each with a purpose. These spaces will be used in one way or another with the intention for them to be accessible, practical and of use. Residential is a sector that embodies that entirely. Not only does it contribute towards one of our most basic human needs – the right to shelter, but a home is arguably  one of the most important investments that each of us will make..

We’re pleased that we work within such a life changing sector and we contribute towards such a significant part of peoples lives. From affordable housing renovation to incredible modern new builds, we love Residential. What forms a functional home is unique to everyone and we keep this in mind.

To all those looking to become new home owners this year, we wish you the best of luck. Find more information here

Some of our current Residential work include:

ERHA and b&m:

b&m have a long-standing relationship with the English Rural Housing Association. As our client – ERHA represents a non-profit organisation working within rural communities to build and manage affordable houses. New homes do not always equate unaffordability and in working with EHRA, this message is constantly portrayed.

Currently we’re working on Shepherdswell which is Kent’s first Community Land Trust to reach planning permission – a great achievement. Having recently started on site, its planned to consist of 13 dwellings. 10 of those will provide affordable housing, the remaining 3 dwellings acting as open market bungalows prioritized for the locals of the area.

This is just one example of affordable housing we’re involved in.

Project Infinity, Ashford:

Situated just opposite Ashford’s International Railway station, the ambitious plan that is Project Infinity can be found. It’s been approved as one of Ashford’s tallest ever buildings – this being its greatest uniqueness.

Project infinity is a multimillion-pound scheme and undisputedly contributes towards the major regeneration plans that have recently been taking place in Ashford.

This will consist of 216 homes (207 apartments, three commercial units and the rest being townhouses). Additionally, a rooftop restaurant overlooking Ashford and an attractive elevated landscapes courtyard set in the middle of the site has also been accounted for.

These projects are just to name a couple. We look forward to watching these developments progress and updating you all along the way.

Happy New Homes Week to you all.