We are delighted to be part of the team, led by TaylorHare, working to Reimagine Ramsgate, with focus on its port and harbour areas.

Ramsgate Harbour has a strong history and continues to be the only Royal Harbour, a unique accolade bestowed on the town by a newly crowned King George IV, who enjoyed Ramsgate’s hospitality immensely on a visit he made.

The area is becoming one of Kent’s many popular and thriving seaside towns. Londoners are reportedly flocking there after it was ranked no. 1 of 20 UK seaside towns in a Property Market Index report and further investment is being generated through new developments.

However, the port area of the town is vastly underutilised, losing money. Many believe that in order for the town to continue to thrive and boom, this area needs to be given a long-term solution.

We have therefore joined up with TaylorHare and other local consultants to form part of the team looking at masterplan proposals for a new ‘green heart’, offering a focus around innovation and education in renewable technologies, supported by hospitality and housing schemes.

The Masterplan floats the idea of a new green campus, hosting a centre for excellence for green business with a new technical education institute. Alongside this would sit boutique hotels, shops and entertainment premises to generate an influx of tourists keen to learn about Ramsgate’s history and renewable credentials.

The scheme would enable the port to regain an identity and to yield a profit from both a commercial and tourist revenue stream.

This is not the first plan created to seek change, Thanet District Council have successfully bid for £19.8m of Levelling Up Funding, however the bid focusses primarily on the town centre and existing harbour, rather than the port. Therefore, it is clear more investment will be needed to see a larger vision take shape. That is why a fundraising page has been launched, led by TaylorHare, and is seeking to raise £60,000. If reached, it will enable the experienced project team to develop a strategic, tangible, cohesive and sustainable masterplan that will cement a long term future for the town.

To see more on this exciting project and how you can contribute, please visit TaylorHare’s Reimagining Ramsgate page.