We are pleased to announce its selection of Porchlight as the designated charity for the year 2024. As a certified B Corp organisation, it was the b&m team that were instrumental in deciding which of the various options was the company’s charity of choice.  The team felt that Porchlight aligned the company’s philanthropic efforts with community needs and social impact. Porchlight, a renowned charity dedicated to combating homelessness, emerged as a fitting choice due to its commitment to providing support and resources for individuals facing housing crises.

The decision-making process involved a thorough analysis of Porchlight’s mission, values, and track record in addressing homelessness. b&m recognises the gravity of the homelessness issue and acknowledges Porchlight’s commendable efforts in offering shelter, guidance, and essential services to those in need. The organisation’s structured programs aimed at long-term solutions, such as housing stability and employment support, align with our commitment to making a meaningful impact on societal challenges.  By supporting Porchlight, b&m aim to contribute to the ongoing efforts to alleviate homelessness and create sustainable solutions for vulnerable populations.

We believe that partnering with Porchlight will not only positively impact the lives of those experiencing homelessness but also foster a sense of community engagement among our staff. We encourage our team to actively participate in Porchlight’s initiatives, whether through volunteering, fundraising, or awareness campaigns. By promoting employee involvement, b&m seek to amplify the positive effects of its charitable contributions and inspire a culture of giving within its organisation.

This strategic partnership between b&m and Porchlight reflects the company’s commitment to making a tangible difference in all the communities it serves. The collaboration with Porchlight in 2024 is envisioned as a step towards building a stronger, more supportive society, and b&m are eager to contribute meaningfully to Porchlight’s impactful initiatives in the fight against homelessness.

Look out for future fundraising events from our team.