In a dynamic collaboration with Renault Retail Group, b&m construction consultants take the helm in the construction works of the Renault Brentford Project, a visionary initiative aimed at relocating Renault’s London offering from to Brentford. This undertaking, born out of Renault’s strategic needs, involves the conversion of a commercial unit into new car showroom, with Kennedy Design lending its architectural brilliance to the project. Chiltern Construction and Design, a trusted name in automotive construction, has been chosen as the contractor to bring this vision to life. The project officially broke ground at the end of November 2023, and with a completion deadline set for May 2024, b&m is at the forefront of ensuring a seamless transition and successful delivery.

The urgency of the project is underscored by the impending closure of Renault’s current premises at Staples Corner, as their lease nears its end. b&m is committed to being fundamental to the flawless switch between operations, recognizing the time-sensitive nature of the endeavour. At the heart of this intricate operation is effective communication, a principal we hold dear throughout the project’s lifecycle. With a short turnaround time, our team is dedicated to staying on top of queries, maintaining open lines of communication to address any challenges promptly and ensuring the project progresses smoothly.

Collaboration extends beyond our team as external bodies, such as the workshop fit-out team, must integrate with the in-house experts at different project stages. As a leading construction consultancy practice, we take pride in fostering a cohesive environment where all components align seamlessly, contributing to the project’s success. The construction value for this ambitious venture is approximately £3.5 million, a testament to the scale and scope of the transformation taking place. Our role includes providing Quantity Surveying and Contract Administration services, meticulously managing costs, and ensuring the project remains within budgetary constraints without compromising on quality.

As the Renault Brentford project races towards its completion, b&m stands as  a driving force behind the scenes, orchestrating a symphony of collaboration, innovation, and efficiency. Staples Corner to Brentford – a journey not just in miles but in the evolution of Renault’s London presence, symbolized by a car showroom crafted with precision and passion.