We did it!

As we’d previously announced b&m was due to take part in the Pilgrims Way Challenge in support of one of our local Charities, Pilgrims Hospice.

The challenge involved our team walking 25km from Wye to Canterbury to raise funds in support of people facing incurable illnesses. Illness can be a very lonely and difficult time and Pilgrims does an incredible job in assisting where they can.

After weeks of raising funds, the day finally came for us to complete the walk this Saturday.

What a beautifully sunny day it was! Though it was a strenuous walk, we pushed through and were lucky enough to see some incredible and scenic views along the way. It was truly amazing to see not only our team, but others involved and dedicated to such an important cause.

With your help, we were able to raise over £1500 in support of the Pilgrims Hospice.

Thank you for all your donations and support along the way! Your donations have gone towards an important cause and we’re so pleased that we could be involved.