We’re delighted that b&m have been yet again shortlisted for the SECBE Awards. The awards are a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our achievements and this year we’re pleased to be double finalists.

The Constructing Excellence SECBE awards seek to recognise the best in the industry from the South East. The awards have been taking place for 16 years and every year, they look to ‘recognise the best and inspire the rest’ by highlighting best practice.

b&m are shortlisted for SME of the Year and Residential Project of the Year.

SME of the Year seeks to highlight those businesses who make up the majority of the industry (approximately 99%) and we’re delighted to be once again shortlisted in this category. b&m have had an amazing 12 months, with our rebrand, new and exciting projects and extensive staff development, we feel we’re excellently placed to take this award home.

Residential Project of the Year looks to highlight those who create inspiring and desirable places to live, whilst considering their environment. Gavin Astor House epitomises this – the refurbishment of this care home, undertaken through the pandemic, is a truly inspiring story of what team collaboration can do. We’ve jointly entered this category with BBS Construction and we’re excited to share with the judges the story of how this project developed.

Next up is the virtual judging process, followed by the awards at the end of June. We’re delighted to be in such good company and wish everyone luck!