This year, in year where charities have been more affected than ever, the #XmasPartyHeroes movement was created to encourage businesses to donate their unused Christmas party budgets to charity. We made the decision to join this movement and become ‘Heroes’ by donating to our charity partner, BuildAid.

BuildAid provide specialist construction aid, delivering permanent new build and re-construction projects for people in need around the world. They utilise their construction expertise to deliver schemes that are tailored, built to last and create long lasting positive impact.

Like so many other charities, BuildAid have not been able to fundraise as usual this year, however this has not stopped them undertaking their vital work. Funds raised at the start of this year were sent to Kenya where a new mother and baby unit has been constructed at the Rombo Health Centre to provide key services including pre and post-natal care, health education and sexual health clinic.

Since the completion of the new unit, the demand for their services has only increased and they are in desperate need of further facilities, including incubators. This week alone (w/c 14th December), one of their incubators has broken and 6 premature babies have been born, leading to them having to share incubators. The photos below of these lovely prem babies were taken on 15th December.

The money we have donated has already been sent to BuildAid’s partner, Light of Maasai, who have now been able to place an order for a new incubator and release some pressure on Rombo’s facilities.

It’s an absolute pleasure to support BuildAid in their work. We look forward to working with them more closely in 2021, helping them to deliver further projects, including hopefully a planned extension to the Rombo Health Centre.

We wish all our clients, fellow consultants, peers and friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.