quantity surveyor sitting at desk with laptop and drawings

Acting as Quantity Surveyor for our clients is at the core of B&M’s service offering and at this moment, we’re acting as Quantity Surveyor on over 30 projects. When asked, many in the industry will say that the responsibility of a Quantity Surveyor lays in understanding, analysing and reporting on construction costs. However, this is only part of the role the Quantity Surveyor plays throughout a project. In reality, the Quantity Surveyor must play the role of estimator, designer, contractor, consultant and more when considering and planning cost data. Our holistic understanding enables us to make our Client’s project a success. We achieve this by:

Understanding the brief and providing a business case:
We seek to be involved as early as possible to understand the vision for and reasoning behind the project. We know that no two projects are the same and this will help us determine elements such as level of specification and quality early on. We will also need to know what the ideal timescales are for the project as time, cost and quality are naturally interrelated and we will be able to give much more realistic idea of cost once we know this. We can then take these initial thoughts, sketches and ideas and determine whether the project could be feasible financially, enabling an economic case to be made, if needed.

Establishing realistic budgets from the start:
Once determined, we will work with the client and their design team in the early RIBA stages to further plan out a detailed robust budget while the design gets developed. We will then review this against historic and current cost data to ensure the scheme continues to be viable. Setting the budget gives confidence and certainty to the client that their scheme will be delivered to the costs envisaged earlier on.

Seeking added value at all stages of the project:
Our experience across the sector means we can offer solutions, alternatives and ideas which can benefit the project. This includes ensuring the client gets value for money from the design, construction and operation of their project.

Offering advice to enable clients to make responsible and informed decisions:
Through the project, we will advise our clients on their costs and ways to mitigate risks and manage any disputes. As much as we get involved in the detail, we can see the bigger picture and see the project from start to finish, meaning we can offer expert and invaluable advice.

Enabling best quality to be achieved, within the established budget:
During construction, we will continue to monitor the budget to avoid unnecessary overspend. We will manage and track variations as well as any threats to the budget without compromising the level of quality and wasting precious time through design variations.

Hiring a Quantity Surveyor such as us is highly likely to save the Client money and our approach and liaison throughout will reduce stress. What’s not to like?

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