We are pleased to announce that we are part of a new initiative, Build Diversity, championed by local businesses and created to help improve diversity in the construction and engineering industries.

The initiative has been developed by 11 founding Partners from 6 companies, all who are committed to building diversity and we are proud that our Practice Manager, Steph Harris, is one of them.

Build Diversity’s main purpose is to promote and engage diverse workforces across construction and engineering sectors in the UK and we will engage those who stereotypically would not consider these industries as potential sectors for careers. We also seek to educate companies on the benefits of a diverse workforce and inform young people on both industries, busting myths and offering insights.

These objectives will be achieved via three main strategies; mentoring, education and content. The mentoring side will offer the opportunity to be coached and advised by a person working in the industry and for those in the industry to become a mentor. The education side will provide resources for schools, colleges, companies and individuals to educate others on the benefits of construction. Finally, the content side will work to produce insights into both industries, enlightening future workers on the day to day world of construction and engineering.

We’re really excited to see this project go live and hope to speak to many of you about it soon.

You can follow Build Diversity via social media – please like and follow to see this project unfold:




If you have any questions or want to get involved, please contact Steph – steph.harris@betteridge-milsom.co.uk