Situated along the serene coastline of Deal, Kent, the Marina View scheme by MPL Group offers a modern approach to coastal living. Comprising 2 three-bedroom townhouses and 4 one and two-bedroom apartments, Marina View is a residential development designed with meticulous attention to detail.

Marina View features two three-bedroom townhouses and four one and two-bedroom apartments, providing a range of options for residents. The development focuses on well considered design elements, ensuring a comfortable living experience for its occupants. The interiors are characterised by quality finishes and premium materials, reflecting MPL Group’s commitment to delivering exemplar homes.

b&m Bank Monitoring Services

Ensuring the financial integrity of Marina View, we have played a crucial role in overseeing the project’s financial aspects. As a provider of bank monitoring services, we have diligently managed the project’s budgetary constraints and financial milestones. This partnership adds a layer of financial stability to the development, instilling confidence in stakeholders.

Deal: A Picturesque Seaside Town

Located on the east coast of Kent, Deal is a town with a rich history and stunning coastal views. Its unique blend of traditional and modern architecture attracts both residents and visitors, creating a distinctive atmosphere. Marina View contributes to the ongoing coastal regeneration in Deal, providing a practical addition to the town’s aesthetic and economic growth. Marina View is a great example of Deal’s ongoing coastal regeneration efforts. While enhancing the visual appeal of the coastline, the development also contributes to the economic vitality of the region. Its strategic location allows residents to enjoy coastal living while benefiting from proximity to town amenities and cultural attractions.

Marina View in Deal, developed by MPL Group, stands as a testament to thoughtful coastal living. With its pragmatic design, attention to detail, and collaboration with b&m for bank monitoring services, Marina View contributes to the ongoing evolution of seaside living in Kent. As a great addition to Deal’s coastal regeneration, Marina View sets a standard for modern residential developments in this picturesque seaside town.