Another successful handover for Betteridge and Milsom as we add to our depth of experience in the education sector. St Faith’s sports hall was recently handed over and we’re pleased to be a part of it. Works included the construction of a functional sports facility  for the independent prep school.

Having worked very closely with and for our client, Wishford Education, we very clearly understood their vision. They wanted to provide a sports facility that reflected the premium standard of education provided by their schools. We were pleased to have been able to work with a client that was passionate about education and understood the necessity of providing for the needs of their pupils. Their passion became infectious throughout the team and allowed for us to work together harmoniously.

Betteridge and Milsom acted as Quantity Surveyor and Employers Agent. We worked alongside:
Kennedy Woods Architects
Breem Contractors
SGA Consulting
Hume Planning

Like ourselves, Kennedy Woods are a B Corp Certified Corporation. We’re proud to have worked alongside them. Their  vision was to create a sports facility, considering sustainable options whilst possessing a natural feel. The sports hall was aesthetically designed to blend into the surround community in order to not look intrusive.

Making this project sustainable meant that he had to push the boundaries to keep the project in budget. Allowing for sustainability through renewable technology and natural materials can often be more expensive – unless products are carefully selected.

Another challenge was that access to the school was difficult therefore delivery sizes needed to be adjusted. Steel lorries couldn’t fit through the entrance and deliveries needed to be moved into smaller vehicles to access the site. This all took place whilst students and staff were onsite which required safe guarding measures to be implemented.

However, we’re pleased to announce that as always, we were able to overcome all obstacles and provide a sports hall that the staff and students can enjoy.

All those involved were integral to the success of the project. Well done to everyone that helped make St Faith’s Sports Hall a success.